Jun 12

Hutchison Ports presented SYNERGY, a new brand for developing intermodal services in Southern Europe

Hutchison Ports, the world’s leading port network, has presented its new brand SYNERGY. Over the years, Hutchison Ports has expanded internationally, encompassing other logistics and transportation activities.

The new brand SYNERGY will be responsible for the deployment of intermodal services between Hutchison Ports BEST in Barcelona and the main railway terminals in Spain and Southern Europe, thus offering a wide range of integrated logistics solutions.

The venue chosen for this presentation has been the International Logistics and Maintenance Exhibition (SIL2018), which has taken place from June 5 to 7 in Barcelona. The brand was born to adapt to new times, betting on innovation, with transparency and neutrality, it will seek to offer the best solutions to its customers’ needs.

SYNERGY will offer port-to-door connectivity services, with a strong commitment to the environment and sustainability.

These services will be leveraged by the operation through Hutchison Ports BEST, one of the most efficient container terminals with a productivity rate of more than 200 movements per hour and a sustained average performance of more than 40 movements per hour and by crane, one of the highest in the world.

The facilities have one of the most modern gate systems in Europe and one of the largest railway terminals within a container terminal in the Mediterranean, with eight mixed gauge tracks (Iberian and UIC), connecting BEST daily with different points of Spain and the South of France.