Oct 15

SYNERGY connects for the first time the Port of Barcelona with the Miranda Container Terminal (TCM)

On Monday, 15th October 2018, the first container train left the Port of Barcelona for the Miranda Container Terminal (TCM) in Miranda de Ebro.

This regular service, managed by the logistics operator SYNERGY, of the Hutchison Ports group, will be flexible in increasing frequencies, adapting to market needs. The compositions are setup for the transport of containers and allow all types of goods, from iron and steel to food sectors. With this traffic, TCM inaugurates the direct train connection that connects the north of the peninsula with the Port of Barcelona.

From the Miranda de Ebro facilities, SYNERGY will offer, in addition to pure railway services, storage services, container emptying and filling services, as well as transport services.

Miranda de Ebro will serve an area that covers the areas of Alava, Burgos, La Rioja, Santander, Palencia and Asturias, among others.

SYNERGY, with this new connection, offers exporters the possibility of sending their goods from the north of the peninsula through the Mediterranean, with a reduction in transit time than ranges between 7-20 days depending on the destination, and to importing companies, an entry of goods through the Mediterranean, with a saving of transit time of up to 14 days (that is 16-45% and 35% faster respectively), providing added value to the entire supply chain.

With this new service, together with the 12 existing circulations between the Port of Barcelona and Noain (Navarra), SYNERGY expands its multimodal offer for the north of Spain, placing the Port of Barcelona as a competitive alternative to serve the logistics market both on the peninsula and in the rest of Southern Europe.

Furthermore, Hutchison Ports BEST, the group’s terminal in Barcelona, has become a benchmark among Mediterranean terminals in terms of connections with its hinterland and the variety of maritime services that connect with the world’s main ports.