Apr 20

BEST signs collaboration agreement with local marine animal recovery centre (CRAM)

BEST begins a new phase of collaboration with CRAM to protect and conserve marine fauna.

Hutchison Ports BEST has recently signed a collaboration agreement with the CRAM (Foundation for the Conservation and Recovery of Marine Animals). This agreement is part of BEST’ Sustainability Plan which expresses the company’s commitment to marine fauna conservation.

With this partnership, BEST reaffirms its commitment to the United Nations 2030 agenda Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), contributing to sustainable cities and communities and to life below water.

The CRAM, located on the beachfront of El Prat del Llobregat, is a private non-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation and recovery of the marine environment and endangered species.

BEST has joined the family of companies that collaborate with the CRAM to support the conservation of our seas with an annual economic contribution that is destined to actions for the preservation of the marine environment.

The CRAM’s main activities include marine fauna assistance, recovery and reintroduction of animals to their natural environment and raising public awareness of the threats affecting the Mediterranean.

Guillermo Belcastro, CEO of BEST, said:

“we are very happy to collaborate with an institution like the CRAM, and to be able to contribute to the conservation and recovery of the fauna of our environment. From BEST we encourage all the actors in the logistics chain to join this initiative”.

The president of the CRAM Jose Luis Pal, said:

“We are very grateful for BEST’ collaboration and involvement in marine conservation. Thanks to their contribution we can continue to develop clinical and rescue actions on protected marine fauna and carry out actions to raise public awareness in favour of our seas and oceans.”

In the framework of the collaboration, and as part of Hutchison Ports’ Go Green project, BEST employees will actively participate in tasks to improve the marine environment in the area. In addition, they will be able to learn first-hand about the marine environment conservation and recovery activities carried out by the CRAM.

BEST’s sustainability plan contributes to 12 of the SDGs, as endorsed by the different environmental quality certificates such as ISO 14001 and compliance with the Port of Barcelona’s Guide to Good Environmental Practices, among others.