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Services related to reefer containers


BEST offers pre-trip services. We prepare your containers in order to let them in the optimal condition to make the load of controlled temperature products.

The PTI is an inspection carried out on the empty reefer containers before loading, to ensure proper operation of the reefer unit, temperature control and recording devices. The PTI also includes a structural damage checking of the container and cleaning the inside of the container.


We adjust the temperature according to the customer’s specifications


In order to offer a quality service and give added value, the terminal performs regular controls on the reefer containers temperature to ensure that the cold chain is not broken at any time


With the objective of giving a complete and integral service to the refrigerated containers, and to continue improving the quality of service, BEST’s customers have the option of pre-inspection services for their refrigerated containers (PTIs) and, if necessary, to have such containers repaired within the terminal’s facilities, thanks to the new authorization approved by the Port of Barcelona in January 2020.

As such, BEST is in a position to offer an integral and complete service for reefer containers, from connection and disconnection, to their monitoring, or the personalized attention to super reefers, to all kinds of additional services, such as PTI, cleaning, tuning, repair and maintenance. The full coverage of reefer related services at BEST will reduce the in/out transportation costs and the related CO2 emissions.


Disinfection Service

As a consequence to the current health emergency situation generated by the Covid-19, BEST terminal offers the disinfection of empty containers, using products approved by the Ministry of Health. Those services are performed by qualified professional staff and the technique to be applied to the containers is currently being used to disinfect spaces where different operations may be carried out safely afterwards.


Weighing Service

BEST offers container weighing service to ensure shippers who export cargo through its facilities meet the new Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requirements which stipulate every export container has its weight verified before loaded onto a ship, since the regulation came in force on 1 July 2016.

At BEST, we have undertaken significant investments and upgrades to our terminal facilities and our operating System, in line with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) guidelines, to ensure the continued operational efficiency of the terminal and to be able to provide an option to the market to comply with the new requirements.


Since the implementation of the Union Customs Code, BEST is a Temporary Deposit Warehouse and is certified as an Authorized Economic Operator (OEA).

As a Customs Representative, BEST can offer the following services:


Representation during the physical inspections of goods at the terminal for the different customs authorities.


Issuance of the document that allows the movement of goods from a Temporary Deposit Warehouse of origin to a Temporary Deposit Warehouse of destination.