Internal Information System

In accordance with Hutchison Ports BEST (Terminal Catalunya) internal policies, contained in the code of conduct, as well as in the internal policies for anonymous complaints, and according to the law 2/2023 of 20 February, the Internal Information System has been established.

This system allows anyone who becomes aware of facts that are contrary to the code of conduct, be it conduct by persons in the BEST workplace that involves any form of harassment, or acts or omissions in breach of anti-bribery or anti-fraud regulations, or any other infringement, may bring it to the attention of the company for investigation, and if substantiated, appropriate action be taken.

The information process can be initiated easily, conveniently and confidentially through the following channels:

By telephone:

93 508 44 33

In person:

At the Human Resources Department

The procedure can be done anonymously, without the identity of the informant being recorded.
Your cooperation is essential to maintain a healthy and ethical working environment.