Albert Miravet Casas

– Favorite film or book

The truth is that I’m not much of a book person, but if I had to choose one, it would be a self-help book. As for cinema, I prefer series, I’ve seen an infinite number of them, but to list some of the ones I’ve liked the most: 5 Brothers, Revenge, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Game of Thrones….

– Favorite music

As for music, all pop music, both national and international, but I have to admit that in this aspect I have remained “stuck” with my bands from the 80s/90s, MECANO, ROXETTE… I love singing, and in fact I have recorded 3 or 4 songs in a recording studio (with their arrangements of course hahaha) and I am currently learning to play the guitar with a private teacher. As the saying goes, it’s never too late!

– Favorite meal

From anything as simple as breaded meat and chips, to paella, and although my roots are Catalan, I would give anything for some flour MIGAS and its condiments.

– Your perfect holiday destination?

For a few years now, I have been keen on camping, I have gone from just a tent, onto a tent-trailer, and now I have a caravan. I love hiking, walking and discovering landscapes everywhere. I’m more of a mountain person than a beach person. This year I might try to travel with a camper (although the price of these ” beasts” is rather high, for me to consider a change).
One of the most spectacular, longest, and hardest routes I have ever done is the source of the River Borosa, in the province of Jaen, in the Sierra de Cazorla, simply spectacular!

– What do you like the most about working at BEST?

BEST for me, has been a “challenge” both at a personal and professional level. I was offered the possibility of being part of this team many years ago (21 to be exact), and I did not hesitate for a second. When I was assigned to the Customer department, I was reluctant, but as they say… “he who goes for it… achieves it”. For many, this won’t make sense, but what I like the most is the number “3”. A challenge that seemed impossible, an unattainable achievement, but with perseverance, and constant hard work, anything can be achieved. The relationship with clients is something that I would not change for any other department, and above all, the relationship with my colleagues.

– Your happiest day at BEST?

There are several: the day I was informed that I would form part, along with 4 other colleagues, of the HPH group, the first day I set foot in the facilities at the new Terminal del Prat, the inauguration of the Terminal, Fridays at 14:00 are also important ….

– Describe your role at BEST. Do you have any anecdote?

My work is based on charging for the services we provide to our customers, both Terminal and Synergy. From the outside, it may seem monotonous and even boring, but behind payment collection, there is a lot of work that does not allow for relaxation. In finance, and in my department, we must do a lot of reports, analyses, reconciliations, reporting, audits, balance sheets and so on and so forth.

Anecdotes? The funniest thing was one day when I was called “the collector of the Frac”… I still don’t understand the reasons…😉.

– What is the most satisfying thing of your job?

The quality, respect, and treatment with our customers. I must say that most are cooperative, and make it look easy (even if it is not) from the position of the “bad guy”. The fact that I have been in charge of the department for so many years has strengthened the relationship with our customers and although there are always day-to-day complications and incidents, we try and manage to ensure that this does not affect the cordiality, respect and trust that we have achieved over so many years.