Enrique Giménez

– Favorite film or book

There are so many films, though if i had to choose, I probably would opt for Trainspotting because of the impact that it caused me when I saw it for the first time. Also the Star Wars saga.

– Favorite music

I like many different types of music but my favorite is Rock, especially indie rock from the 2000’s decade.

– Favorite meal

I like everything so long as it is well done. The best meal for me would be the one that I enjoy in good company.

– Your perfect holiday destination?

Rather than choose a specific destination, I would settle for good beaches, nice views, and sea life where I can enjoy snorkeling, and good food.

– What do you like the most about working at BEST?

Most of all my work colleagues. It’s so nice to work in a good atmosphere and good mood. Even if we are overwhelmed with work, I really value that we are able to joke around, always with a smiling face.

– Your happiest day at BEST?

Apart from Fridays… any quiet day when the problems that arise are slight and quick to solve. Also the days with no “fires to put out”.

– Describe your role at BEST. Do you have any anecdote?

My daily job is very varied, it is mainly proactive, always trying to improve and maintain the good functioning of the systems. I also work on the design and implementation of new services and systems, and of course, giving solutions to the possible problems or system failures that could appear.
I have many anecdotes, but the ones that I could explain here are too boring.

– What is the most satisfying thing of your job?

I’d choose the moment when we put into operation a project that we’ve been working on (designing, setting up and testing) and everything works as it should.

  • Date 16 November, 2017
  • Tags destacado, empleado