Jose Manuel Díaz

– Favorite film or book

I really like science fiction movies; Star Wars saga or Star Trek are probably my favourites. But in every genre there are movies that I could be including in my box of favourite films.
<br/.>I love to read, and the genre that I like most corresponds to scientific divulgation.
<br/.>A couple of books that I have read not long ago and that I really liked are: The Future of our Mind and The Future Physic (Michiu Kaku); they try to explain towards where we go with the news technological processes and improvements.

– Favorite music

All of them. I think that there is a type of music for each moment, although I have to confess that I prefer the Rock of the 60s.

– Favorite meal

Paella always has been a meal which I cannot resist.

– Your perfect holiday destination?

I don’t care, but must have beach and sun.

– What do you like the most about working at BEST?

I have colleagues that make my day easier. I think that the best that I have around me is the human team, there is no doubt.

– Your happiest day at BEST?

The inauguration day of the new Terminal. It entailed a big change compared to what we had before.

– Describe your role at BEST. Do you have any anecdote?

A day in the Maintenance Dept. tends to be quite busy. We deal with all the daily incidents, we work with suppliers and external companies to manage everything necessary regarding the maintenance of equipment and facilities and furthermore we have to manage all preventive maintenance in order to have the equipment as “fit” as possible.
There are many anecdotes, for example, one day a stevedore called us because his Reach Stacker would not start and when we went there, it was missing its’ two front wheels!

– What is the most satisfying thing of your job?

The variety of tasks that we can get to do in a single day; impossible to be bored!