Josep M. Roig Sanromà

– Favorite film or book

What a difficult choice. Recently, I really enjoyed Interstellar. Christopher Nolan is always a guarantee, of at least, having a good “popcorn” time. However, I must mention The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which specially touched me when I saw it some years ago.

I’m a poor reader,I really should do something about it. I do however ecommend “The Kite Runner” or “the solitude of prime numbers”.

– Favorite music

If I had to choose a specific kind of music, I would probably go for songwriter music, someone like Maria Arnal, would be a good example.

I also like many groups, mainly rockpop that are not branded as commercial music. However, I must highlight Paolo Nutini, who has been my favorite singer for a long time.

– Favorite meal

Although I’m always looking to try new things and enjoy as much as possible the gastronomy of any country where I go, I have simple tastes and I usually choice Italian food, especially from Southern regions.

Moreover, I think it’s an undervalued gastronomy. It’s often said that there’s only pizza and pasta, but believe me there is none more gourmand and purist with food than a Neapolitan.

– Your perfect holiday destination?

I prefer a trip where I can find cultural contrast and a lot of nature, although I must admit that the option “good, cheap and beautiful” is becoming increasingly more attractive.

– What do you like the most about working at BEST?

What I like most is working in one of the most technologically advanced terminals and feeling a part of the project, seeing the constant progress and how it is reflected in the results. I’ve met people from other terminals of the Group and I know that BEST is a worldwide reference, so obviously this is very gratifying.

– Your happiest day at BEST?

With the high increase in volume that we lived through these past few months, we have had to deal with difficult situations. Precisely in these circumstances is when job satisfaction is at its highest.

– Describe your role at BEST. Do you have any anecdote?

As a member of the Operations Department, I am in charge of ensuring that the development of the different operations is as smooth as possible, focusing mainly on the management of the yard, especially now that the challenges are frrequent and more demanding and we must face them with the resources that we have.

Apart from that, I have had the opportunity to learn about how all the areas of the operations department work. This has given me an overview of the relationship between the different operations and their interaction with nGen. For this reason I always try to be ready to answer any questions that may be asked by other colleagues when we work together with IT in the continuous improvement of the system.

– What is the most satisfying thing of your job?

If I look back it is very pleasing to see what we have done so far and how we have progressed despite the fact that it often goes unnoticed. At the same time what is to come is exciting, projects that we have planned and that will come in the near future.

In conclusion, the most satisfying thing is to know that we are continuously moving forward and I feel involved in this progress.