Juanjo Torres Fornieles

– Favorite film or book

Films? With no doubt those that revolve on the transcendental themes of life: cars, motorcycles and women or men, according to the taste of each one, and above all those ones that finish well. I leave the rest for the real life.

As for the books, I read a lot and maybe because of that, my favorite book is, undoubtedly, the one that I have pending to write. I think if I could really reflect all the things that happen both personally and around me in the personal, work and non-union level plane, they’d be fun, interesting and sometimes implausible…

– Favorite music

Today, with no doubt Nicky Jam. I went to a concert recently, and now Balbin in May … Well, these ones are with my 14 year old daughter. My music is Rock, always rock, driving and at really a loud volume. My Akrapovich also sounds great.

– Favorite meal

I am a gastronomic ignorant, especially if beer does not count as food. Actually, I have discovered here many of the meals I know. the important thing is not what you eat but with who you eat. And that, I always take care of it.

– Your perfect holiday destination?

My knowledge of the world is very limited. I just like to go where I can get by myself, usually on my motorcycle, alone or accompanied. With my children, it doesn’t matter if it’s mountain or beach, near or far. Enjoying with the family, whatever it is, whenever you want, is a fundamental motivation for me. Learning to listen is something that I have to improve, it is my true pending task on vacation.

– What do you like the most about working at BEST?

As a preschool and nursery school teacher there are two things that are the most interesting to me. One of those things is that there are so many variables either at the level of systems or at the human level that there are no two equal days, and the other one is the possibility of facing it as a continuous learning day by day, but with some final objectives that have to be assumed. We go as in a school.

– Your happiest day at BEST?

The terminal is a living place, and that is why I have had many good and many less good moments. In the labor plane I won’t easily forget the first day in the shed or the first day in the doors. I hope to correspond and also I hope that my work will be appreciated. At the trade union level, amid so many battles, I feel proud to have influenced important decisions at a collective level, and above all an individual one. The less good moments, I keep them in mind every day.

– Describe your role at BEST. Do you have any anecdote?

As a worker or a member of the Committee, new situations that need new solutions happen to me every day. That’s why I have so many anecdotes … Just two of them. One: I have an e-mail folder where I collect e-mails that have been memorable anecdotes; and two: a few years ago, the first meeting with the company, opening sentence: “This is like when you go to the doctor and say: “Doctor, how much will it hurt? “… hahaha Well, we fortunately have not been too much hurt.

– What is the most satisfying thing of your job?

Although I am not excessively communicative, personal contact with everyone is what satisfies me the most. We are a company structured in several parts but, I have managed, at least apparently, to be positively accepted in all departments, both by the workers and by the bosses.

<br/.>One of the greatest treasures of any company is the human quality of the staff as well as its maintenance and, participating in it, pleasant or not, is highly satisfactory and it contributes to both personal and work enhancement.