Luisa Azpeleta

– Which is your favorite film or book?

¡I can’t choose just one book! I couldn’t give García Márquez or Delibes up, but I wouldn’t either go to a desert island without A Confederacy of Dunces, Rayuela, Blindness, 1984, Brave New World, The Stranger… How lucky I am e-books do exist!

– Your favorite meal?

I do love Japanese food, but my choice is two typical dishes from Mallorca (just to make clear where I am from): “tumbet” and Majorcan-style grouper.

– Your perfect holiday destination?

Without wishing to set a precedent, I will give you just one answer: the beach. For the sake of clarity, I mean one with white sand, clear water and little people. Sorry, I’m not so easy!

– What do you like the most about working at BEST?

The project, the people and that I really enjoy what I do. It’s amazing to find a combination of an emblematic project, a fantastic and goal-oriented team and a professional challenge as I’ve found here.

– Your happiest day at BEST?

Some weeks before Best opening, whilst I was landing in Barcelona airport and I saw “our” Terminal from the airplane…Wow! Honestly, it was incredible.

– Describe your role at BEST. Do you have any anecdote?

I don’t have an ordinary day-by-day, but meetings and e-mails are always there. As you can imagine, my anecdotes are really boring… I’m an engineer!

– What is the most satisfying thing of your job?

Being part of a success is always satisfying, and even more when you’ve practically seen it grow. Not only the pride of seeing the finished work after living the design and construction process, but also to have seen how the people of the different departments had completed the work with spectacular results.