Xavier Marco Espla

– Favorite film or book

To be honest, I’m not a great reader, however with the cinema is quite the opposite. I’m a horror film enthusiast. My favourite ones are two great classics: “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Night of the Living Dead”.

– Favorite music

I’m a great vinyl disc collector; I’ve got more than six hundred records. Among my favorite ones are Frank Sinatra and Johnny Cash.

– Favorite meal

Without any doubt I would go for a good lobster stew. To tell the truth, I’m quite a cook, and those who taste my dishes say that I have a way with cooking.

– Your perfect holiday destination?

Undoubtedly, my favorite place to get lost in is Formentera. Its beautiful turquoise waters, its natural landscapes, etc. There’s no need to go far away having Ibiza and Formentera so close: Calm, gastronomy and daydream beaches.

– What do you like the most about working at BEST?

The opportunity of learning and improving each day, and also the great team that we form, with whom, as a team, we are able to overcome adversity or problems that arise in daily operations.

– Your happiest day at BEST?

The day I saw the first cranes arriving on those ships coming from so far away, it’s something you rarely can see, the images speak for themselves. It was great, thinking that their destiny was this terminal, and thus, we could take a big step in the evolution of BEST, both in terms of productivity and technology, as seeing our large fleet of giant automatic container stacking system.

– What is the most satisfying thing of your job?

The best of my job is to achieve, together with my colleagues from all departments and sections, in making the name BEST the result of productivity and efficiency, thanks to the great team that enables our Terminal to be an example to follow worldwide.