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BEST has excellent internal communication routes with its area of influence at national and European level and a powerful network of maritime connections with the most relevant ports. The development of these routes, together with the privileged geostrategic situation that Barcelona enjoys, positions the city as a reference for logistics and makes it one of the gateways to the European market.

Please check the document Information on rail related services for more information about our rail terminal

  • mapa_railway
    headerenFromToFrequencyOperatorTransit Time
    ZaragozaesBESTZaragoza3 / SemanaSICSAAB
    ZaragozaenBESTZaragoza3 / WeekSICSAAB
    ZaragozacaBESTZaragoza3 / SetmanaSICSAAB
    ZaragozaesZaragozaBEST3 / SemanaSICSAAB
    ZaragozaenZaragozaBEST3 / WeekSICSAAB
    ZaragozacaZaragozaBEST3 / SetmanaSICSAAB
    ZaragozaesBESTZaragoza25 / SemanaAPM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAA
    ZaragozaenBESTZaragoza25 / WeekAPM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAA
    ZaragozacaBESTZaragoza25 / SetmanaAPM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAA
    ZaragozaesZaragozaBEST25 / SemanaAPM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAA
    ZaragozaenZaragozaBEST25 / WeekAPM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAA
    ZaragozacaZaragozaBEST25 / SetmanaAPM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAA
    TarragonaesBESTTarragona10 / SemanaTP NovaAB
    TarragonaenBESTTarragona10 / WeekTP NovaAB
    TarragonacaBESTTarragona10 / SetmanaTP NovaAB
    TarragonaesTarragonaBEST10 / SemanaTP NovaAB
    TarragonaenTarragonaBEST10 / WeekTP NovaAB
    TarragonacaTarragonaBEST10 / SetmanaTP NovaAB
    TarragonaesBESTTarragona1 / SemanaTransPaisAB0
    TarragonaenBESTTarragona1 / WeekTransPaisAB0
    TarragonacaBESTTarragona1 / SetmanaTransPaisAB0
    TarragonaesTarragonaBEST1 / SemanaTransportes PortuariosAB0
    TarragonaenTarragonaBEST1 / WeekTransportes PortuariosAB0
    TarragonacaTarragonaBEST1 / SetmanaTransportes PortuariosAB0
    TarragonaesBESTTarragona5 / SemanaAPM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAB
    TarragonaenBESTTarragona5 / WeekAPM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAB
    TarragonacaBESTTarragona5 / SetmanaAPM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAB
    TarragonaesTarragonaBEST5 / SemanaAPM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAB
    TarragonaenTarragonaBEST5 / WeekAPM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAB
    TarragonacaTarragonaBEST5 / SetmanaAPM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAB
    SelguaesBESTSelgua8 / SemanaAPM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAB
    SelguaenBESTSelgua8 / WeekAPM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAB
    SelguacaBESTSelgua8 / SetmanaAPM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAB
    SelguaesSelguaBEST8 / SemanaAPM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAB
    SelguaenSelguaBEST8 / WeekAPM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAB
    SelguacaSelguaBEST8 / SetmanaAPM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAB
    SelguaesBESTSelgua5 / SemanaMedlog Iberia SLUAB
    SelguaesSelguaBEST5 / SemanaMedlog Iberia SLUAB
    SelguaenBESTSelgua5 / WeekMedlog IberiaAB
    SelguaenSelguaBEST5 / WeekMedlog IberiaAB
    SelguacaBESTSelgua5 / SetmanaMedlog IberiaAB
    SelguacaSelguaBEST5 / SetmanaMedlog IberiaAB
    PlaDeVilanovetaesBESTPla de Vilanoveta4/ Semana APM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAB
    PlaDeVilanovetaenBESTPla de Vilanoveta4/ Week APM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAB
    PlaDeVilanovetacaBESTPla de Vilanoveta4/ Setmana APM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAB
    PlaDeVilanovetaesPla de VilanovetaBEST4/ Semana APM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAB
    PlaDeVilanovetaenPla de VilanovetaBEST4/ WeekAPM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAB
    PlaDeVilanovetacaPla de VilanovetaBEST4/ Setmana APM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAB
    PamplonaesBESTPamplona (Noain)5 / SemanaHutchison Logistics SpainAB
    PamplonaenBESTPamplona (Noain)5 / WeekHutchison Logistics SpainAB
    PamplonacaBESTPamplona (Noain)5 / SetmanaHutchison Logistics SpainAB
    PamplonaesPamplona (Noain)BEST5 / SemanaHutchison Logistics SpainAB
    PamplonaenPamplona (Noain)BEST5 / WeekHutchison Logistics SpainAB
    PamplonacaPamplona (Noain)BEST5 / SetmanaHutchison Logistics SpainAB
    MirandaDeEbroesBESTMiranda de Ebro4 / SemanaHutchison Logistics SpainAB
    MirandaDeEbroenBESTMiranda de Ebro4 / WeekHutchison Logistics SpainAB
    MirandaDeEbrocaBESTMiranda de Ebro4 / SetmanaHutchison Logistics SpainAB
    MirandaDeEbroesMiranda de EbroBEST4 / SemanaHutchison Logistics SpainAB
    MirandaDeEbroenMiranda de EbroBEST4 / WeekHutchison Logistics SpainAB
    MirandaDeEbrocaMiranda de EbroBEST4 / SetmanaHutchison Logistics SpainAB
    BurgosesBESTBurgos (Villafría)2 / SemanaAPM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAB
    BurgosenBESTBurgos (Villafría)2 / WeekAPM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAB
    BurgoscaBESTBurgos (Villafría)2 / SetmanaAPM Terminals Railway BarcelonaAB
    BurgosesBurgos (Villafría)BEST1 / SemanaHutchison Logistics SpainAB
    BurgosenBurgos (Villafría)BEST1 / WeekHutchison Logistics SpainAB
    BurgoscaBurgos (Villafría)BEST1 / SetmanaHutchison Logistics SpainAB
    BayonaesBESTBayonne3 / SemanaHutchison Logistics SpainAC0
    BayonaenBESTBayonne3 / WeekHutchison Logistics SpainAC0
    BayonacaBESTBayonne3 / SetmanaHutchison Logistics SpainAC0
    BayonaesBayonneBEST3 / SemanaHutchison Logistics SpainAC0
    BayonaenBayonneBEST3 / WeekHutchison Logistics SpainAC0
    BayonacaBayonneBEST3 / SetmanaHutchison Logistics SpainAC0
    ZaragozaesBESTZaragoza1 / SemanaHutchison Logistics SpainAB
    ZaragozaenBESTZaragoza1 / WeekHutchison Logistics SpainAB
    ZaragozacaBESTZaragoza1 / SetmanaHutchison Logistics SpainAB
    ZaragozaesZaragozaBEST1 / SemanaHutchison Logistics SpainAB
    ZaragozaenZaragozaBEST1 / WeekHutchison Logistics SpainAB
    ZaragozacaZaragozaBEST1 / SetmanaHutchison Logistics SpainAB
    ZaragozaesBESTZaragoza5 / SemanaMedlog IberiaAB
    ZaragozaenBESTZaragoza5 / WeekMedlog IberiaAB
    ZaragozacaBESTZaragoza5 / SetmanaMedlog IberiaAB
    ZaragozaesZaragozaBEST5 / SemanaMedlog IberiaAB
    ZaragozaenZaragozaBEST5 / WeekMedlog IberiaAB
    ZaragozacaZaragozaBEST5 / SetmanaMedlog IberiaAB

    Regular services from / to BEST*:
    : AA < 24h | 24h < AB < 48h | AC > 48h

    *You can also reach other destinations, even if they are not regular services.